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  • Definitions
  • For the purpose of these general Terms and Conditions: USER shall refer to any individual using any of the site services; SITE SERVICE/S shall include the following:

    • Access to the site’s browser-based information resources/database;
    • Participation by posting comments on the site;
    • Creation and customization of user profiles by registering for free and full access to the site’s information resources;
    • E-mail newsletters for registered site USERS;

    PARTNER shall refer to any entity under contract with Rezon OOD authorized to provide additional information regarding the PARTNER’S own goods and services to the site’s registered USERS.

  • General Provisions
  • These General Terms and Conditions shall be binding for you only in your capacity as USER of the services offered on the Internet site operated by Rezon OOD of Sofia.
    You shall be entitled to use the site’s Services solely for your own personal and non-commercial needs.
    By posting your opinion/comment you accept and agree to abide by the rules for posting comments. Rezon OOD shall not be liable for any opinions you have shared.

  • Copyright
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    Using such materials for any other purposes such as generating database entries, publishing, disseminating, or any other commercial application, or disclosing them to third parties without Rezon OOD’s knowledge and consent shall be prohibited.

  • Confidentiality
  • Rezon OOD is a registered Personal Data Administrator within the meaning of the Personal Data Protection Act.
    Rezon OOD shall undertake to guarantee the integrity of the information containing personal data provided by the Users by filling out our online registration applications. This information shall only be disclosed when it has been requested by government authorities or officials authorized by law to request and collect information containing personal data within the requirements of due process.
    Rezon OOD shall have the right to provide statistical information regarding visits to its site to advertisers/advertising agencies that keep record of clicks on their advertisement banners or links, or use such information for its own internal statistical analyses and as well as for direct marketing purposes (his own and those of its PARTNERS). By accepting these General Terms and Conditions, the USER agrees to have his personal data processed for the purposes of direct marketing. However, USERS shall be entitled to object to having their personal data processed for the purposes of direct marketing by sending a written notice addressed to Rezon OOD, 11A Carnegie St., Sofia, Bulgaria.

  • Disclaimer
  • Despite all measures put in place to ensure correctness and objectivity, some of the data, analyses, and opinions posted on the site are based on external sources. Therefore, the information and materials concerning any subject must not be viewed as being ultimate or absolute.
    Rezon OOD and its employees shall not be liable for any losses or other adverse developments suffered by individuals or organizations that have acted or refrained from acting in any particular way as a result of using information posted on the site or presented in our e-mail newsletters. The SERVICES offered on our site shall be provided to Users without any express guarantees for their fitness for any particular use and without any type of assignment or transfer of ownership over the information contained in them. Rezon OOD and its agents shall not be liable for any damages sustained by third parties as a result of using or being unable to use any particular materials, even if Rezon OOD has been advised of the possibility for such damages to occur.Rezon OOD and its Partners make no guarantees as to the accuracy or completeness of the information, texts, charts, links or other media contained in the materials published on the site. Rezon OOD shall reserve the right to make corrections in these materials at any time and without any advance notice.

  • Registration
  • You have the opportunity of getting free and full access to our site’s information resources. To achieve this, you will have to register at the site and create your own user profile.
    To register, you will be required to provide full, accurate, true, and correct information. Rezon OOD shall reserve the right to decide at its sole accounts that it deems unacceptable and any accounts for which it has reasonable suspicion of being used in violation of the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions.
    Rezon OOD of Sofia shall reserve the right to discontinue the provision of the aforementioned services free of charge by publishing a Notice of Discontinuation on its site.

  • Amendments
  • Rezon OOD shall reserve the right to amend these General Terms and Conditions at any time by publishing such amendments on its site along with a Notice of Amendment to the General Terms and Conditions of Use. Such amendments shall take effect the moment they have been published.
    All matters that have not been expressly resolved in these General Terms and Conditions shall be treated in accordance with the provisions of the applicable Bulgarian Law.

Personal Data Protection

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